Client Services

We, at The Rosewood Group are committed to creating exceptional partnerships with our clients that enable us to provide a world-class service while upholding the highest standards of professionalism and ethics.

Your retained search will involve a refined process whereby we dedicate 100% of our Account Executive and Project Coordinator staff's time to rapidly identify two or three qualified, interested candidates for your specific requirement. The candidates will be represented exclusively to you, they will not be presented to any other client for the duration of your search engagement.  We define our service in the following ways:

Experienced Staff
Our sales and research staff, representing over 30 years of combined industry experience is directly responsible for our professional placement process. They are well trained in all aspects of technology, candidate sourcing and recruitment practices and the latest techniques in interviewing and screening candidates.

"Best Fit" Candidates
Employing our unique screening processes, we will match candidates to both your technical requirements and your corporate culture.

All candidates will be fully briefed on the career opportunity available and we will have asked their permission to represent them. We endorse and comply with all aspects of current Employment Equity legislation.

All information that you share with us remains confidential. We are pleased to sign agreements to that effect.


Human Capital is a vital corporate resource. The Rosewood Group's personalized talent acquisition services are dedicated to assisting you in building and retaining this capital. We are focused on minimizing your opportunity cost and maximizing your investment in us as a strategic business partner.  We look forward to assisting you in achieving your hiring objectives and in developing a complete recruitment strategy.