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The Targeted Selection of people. 
My view
By Charles Fiaccabrinio

In this very important process, the selection and subsequent hiring of salespeople often plays a dramatic role in the success or failure of Sales and marketing organizations.
It has been my experience that certain qualities in people should be considered as a starting point. By doing so, the organization will be better poised to meet and exceed corporate expectations.

Humanistic Traits as a core objective should encompass some of the following. Not all human beings are blessed with a preponderance of said traits. It therefore becomes important to be able to recognize these traits as a combination of factors assembled in a "scattergram" method that enables the person making the selection to take into consideration a comprehensive guideline relating to the various aspects of a person's core qualities.

Some of the "humanistic" or core qualities to look for are a combination of,

  • Intelligence

  • Ability to understand and relate to concepts

  • Competitive drive

  • Honesty and integrity

  • Ability to verbalize 

  • High energy level

  • Flexibility in thought process

  • Organizational skills

  • Previous success factors

  • Team orientation

  • Leadership

In a targeted selection process, the behavioral mode of the applicant should be a major consideration. The Dominant Warm or Q4 individual has the ability to interact very well with most people and as a natural consequence of this better able to partner with the customer in meeting and exceeding customer expectations. 

The understanding and implementation of this combined philosophy can often make a material difference in the producing of results.